Zinnia: the name of my mother and the

name of a flower that symbolizes the

cultural heritage that permeates this


This vivid red flower is characteristic of

Portuguese culture, discernible on roof

tops and on ceremonial attire. My mother

represents the fragility of a flower, sharing

the same delicacy and softness as captured

by the image of her.

The soft breeze and the endless possibility

that the sea embodies mesmerised me and

took my imagination to another place. Such

aesthetics captivate our vision, enchant

us with their vibrancy and arouse our imaginations in ways that foster a sense of escapism.

The evocativeness of these images mirror those of Frida Kahlo, whose artwork awakens the same overwhelming yet captivating feelings.

We are invited to let our imaginations wonder freely and unreservedly: an escapism

that manifests through my clothing.

It is an amalgamation of these fragments that my work reflects as I have taken

these elements and fused them to create a collection that mirrors the freedom epitomised by the images.”