The Ceremony.

The collection is inspired by the different beliefs my mother and father have in religion. My mother being Catholic and my father being Muslim. This has given me a great interest and passion in the intricate fabrics and garments that were worn by family members at certain ceremonies I have attended.

In conjunction with the ceremonial aspect of the fabrics I have explored and

developed I also wanted to incorporate the obsession of power and pride of Boxer Mike Tyson. This influence has played its part in the collection with the silhouettes and the confidence Mike Tyson has, I also wanted to incorporate

this through the styling of my show.

The use of patchwork is inspired by the “The Boro” exhibition, japanese

families that repaired and recycled fisherman jackets into futon covers, and pieced together garment before handing them down to the next generation, weaving their own stories through the threads in the process. From this through the patch work and embellishment is a symbol of bringing the story together as a collection of interests I have.

Through music and styling of various artists such as J Lo, Mariah Carey and also the Las Vegas vibe of the flashy luxurious lifestyle, the show off, the sex, the passion, the beach look, all these elements have shaped my final collection.