“You know I never left you”

Everything happens for a reason.

That is why the world is what

it is today.


The relationships we have, the

conditions that we live in and the path that we choose to take in life are all circumstances that transpire for a purpose.

Albeit, a purpose that is sometimes indecxipherable to us. It is this blurred sense of clarification that can leave us feeling depleted, but for me, solace can be found in the arrival of winter. With the nascence of a colder climate comes duskier nights, cosier evenings in and most notably the fall of snow.

It is with the descent of snow that I draw a lot of influence as the dwindling snow flakes instil a sense of freedom within me; a freedom that manifests itself in expression.

In conjunction with the natural aspect of life I have explored, I also wanted to incorporate the expression of street art, music and sport.

Which gives me a sense of escapism.